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Effective IT : Effective Business

These days it happens too often that Information Technology (IT) is all about IT and not about business.  No-one buys IT just to own IT - we buy it for the value it can add to our business, to make us more effective.  That is what Effectus is all about - we offer effective IT solutions in an effective manner, helping to make your business more effective which is, after all, what business is all about!

Modern IT has evolved to a stage where its affordability and ease-of-use has made it a business-critical resource that no enterprise can afford to go without but its power, complexity and sophistication has made it very difficult to understand and manage.  At Effectus we have the knowledge and experience amongst our pool of highly-skilled and experienced individuals.  We specialise primarily in three branches of IT:

Web Design and Internet Presence

A presence on the Internet - whether it entails having simple e-mail access at the lower end, to having an own web site, to having the capability of selling goods online - is today a necessity for any enterprise that has something to offer.  However, simply being "on the net" is not good enough any more - effective techniques must be utilised in order to enhance its effectiveness, otherwise it is simply another overhead.
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Customised Software Development

While buying off-the-shelf software is the cheap option it can happen that an enterprise's exact requirements cannot be met by such software.  Rather than changing the way they do business, it is often better to have customised software written to address the areas lacking in off-the-shelf software.
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Managed Services

Many companies operate in an environment where a skilled IT manager is indispensible.  However, very often they have neither the work-load nor the financial resources to warrant appointing such a person in a full-time position.  Such a company can benefit from Managed Services where they only pay for the service to the extent that they utilise it.
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