Software Development

A computer on its own is worthless.  All that makes it useful is the software that runs on it.  It therefore just makes sense that the better the software is matched to the enterprise's requirements, and the more reliably it runs, the more effective the enterprise's IT infrastructure will be.

Customised Development

Many enterprises have very specific requirements relating to the way they do business (or have to do business, for example because of specific contracts with their customers or legal requirements) but they cannot find software that does everything they want in the manner they want it done.  Many of these end up running systems that combine financial packages, spreadsheets, project management software and word processors into a cumbersome environment that is difficult to operate and manage.

At Effectus we have access to software engineers who have been developing software since 1985 and who have extensive experience in a wide variety of development environments, operating environments and databases.  We are able to undertake any or all of the phases of software development - user requirements analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance.  By virtue of our experience with a range of commercial financial packages, we are also able to develop add-ons to existing financial software in order to integrate customers' systems, thereby eliminating the necessity of having to enter the same data more than once into different systems.

Please Contact Us if you have requirements that cannot be met by existing software.